Cringe Worthy Moments in Fanfiction.

Cringe Worthy Moments in Fanfiction.

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problematic By -fragilebones Updated Aug 04, 2016

Things in fanfictions that make everyone cringe.

Like really, really cringe.

A lot.

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kethereals kethereals Jun 19, 2017
if anyone wrote about Scott's older brother being in love with Danny i would legit love them forever
That sounds terrible!
                              (It’s also illegal. @Wattpad must be notified!)
As soon as I see those books, I scroll away and make a point to not read those.
Or if they just copy off of the plot of the books they write a fanfic for.
daniscimorelli daniscimorelli Jul 24, 2017
true, there was a dm book about brynn, and it got copied a few times actually. [karma's a bitch is what it's called.]
“hi, my name is tanishqua McCall and i am in love with my brothers best friend, biles bilinski.”