|1| Wail  ( THE WALKING DEAD )


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keep fighting 

                                          [ WAIL ]
                           the walking dead | oc 
                               season one - two

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I like him already. (Even tho I'm already practically in love w him)
Honestly me but then five mins later I'm crying because I look like Shrek lmao
neneneniya neneneniya Sep 10, 2017
Did she leave their credit cards? Ahah. Nobody else finds this funny? Okay...I'll go home.
ThatOneLonerReader ThatOneLonerReader Dec 09, 2017
Everyone finds him hot but have you guys seen Rick. He’s like soooooooooooo freaking hot like feugo hot
-WxnderIand -WxnderIand Mar 28
I see I’m the only one more focused on her taking out a compact mirror 😂
antisocialpan6a antisocialpan6a Jul 24, 2017
Honestly I would have done the same thing.This women obviously wasn't looking for a friend.