Arranged Marriage To My Boss (Completed/To Be Published)

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Yana By xMissYGrayx Completed
R-18: Iris Villafuente made a contract marriage after their company has been bought by her sexy, bipolar and dominating boss Zachary Levi Esqueza. During the arrangement she discovers that her boss is more than just a moody, irritating and bossy man. He has very disturbing past and a dark secret.  A past and secret that eventually will change her life forever.
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this story is kind of you know taglish. kingina dumudugo na ilong ko. HAHAHAHHAA
is it gnna become in english later or is it gnna be this language bc im so lost tbh
hello po author pano ko maopen ung private chapter 23? di ko po mabasa. thnx
Wahhhhhhh Respect Woooooo Kilig Much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
oh my ghad  ang ganda ng storing toh ang sarap ulit ulitin kaya xmissygrayx keep up the good work
hiii! im a fan also of fifty shades of grey.. yumminess kasi si CHRISTIAN GREY hhhehehh peace