Star Struck  Mettaton Ex X Reader!!!

Star Struck Mettaton Ex X Reader!!!

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Mettagirl By m3ttatonisba3 Updated Jul 25, 2016

When your family starts to drive you insane you flee your home looking for something other than the home you once had. You already have 1,000 dollars so you go looking for a job and an apartment. You took a bus to Hollywood for a quick look. And that's where your life with Mettaton began.

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Wait so (y/n) gets beat up ? HOW CAN HER FATHER BE SO CRUEL ?!?!?!?!!?
How the hell does Mettaton stand on one leg?!? With heels even! He must have some great balance.
NightmareMoon123 NightmareMoon123 Aug 13, 2016
I heard that I was having spaghetti tonight and I had the exact same face as Papyrus
YeltzavireLuviiWaltz YeltzavireLuviiWaltz Jun 04, 2016
This story is amazing. So emotional. It gives me a... 
                              Heartache! *Toriel's battle theme starts playing,Heartache* Like my Undertale pun? But, No
                               really! So much feels! Keep up the the awesome work, Author-chan!
MiraLuna14 MiraLuna14 Feb 27, 2016
This story does have an interesting but depressing storyline. This is excellent writing, though! I'm curious to see what happens next, especially with Mettaton :^>
JWPickleTickle JWPickleTickle Nov 03, 2016
So far, the story seems promising. However, you have a lot of grammatical errors, and some of them make it a little hard to read. :)