The Girl in the Slippers

The Girl in the Slippers

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Anthie By flying-person Updated May 25, 2016

In Selene, 'soul mates' were nothing but a legend told in the form of a fairytale... but then Caspar met Araluen.

Lady Araluen Winchester is the sole heir to her father's dynasty as the alpha of a province, however, her life skills are far more geared towards shady dealings and blackmail rather than politics and luxury. The unsavoury gambling habits of her sire cause her to forgo her childhood and attempt to keep her land from financial ruin. Yet, when she believes she finally has a plan to correct the situation, it instead brings her more grief in the form of an insufferable stepmother. 

Prince Caspar of Selene is not the heir to the throne (thank the moon goddess) but that doesn't stop his parents from forcing numerous responsibilities on his shoulders. On the night of his twentieth birthday, his destiny changes when his twin brother is crowned the official king-in-waiting and he lays eyes on a girl he does not know, but instantly loves. Desperate for answers, Caspar begins his search into the elusive history of his country. 

A Cinderella-inspired werewolf story.

  • adventure
  • araluen
  • caspar
  • historical
  • romance
  • werewolf
Does he know she's a girl is he's calling her miss, aside from the men's clothes
They're lycans? Not the 'walking or running in their four legs' wolf?
smileyemily93 smileyemily93 Apr 03, 2016
You have not lived if you haven't had AMBROSIA and NECTAR!!! #percyjackson
travel_bae04 travel_bae04 Feb 11, 2016
Nice book so good and its the first 
                               chapter love it😍😍
kutekatwan kutekatwan Dec 21, 2016
Isnt araluen the nam of the place in rangers apprentice? But its a brilliant book still
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings May 22, 2016
To be fair her father dragged her into doing 'bad things' like selling antiques from the castle and stuff so
                              Lv e it so far!