Letters to Liam (One Direction)

Letters to Liam (One Direction)

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Zenzi Ross By hippstazenzi Updated Jun 19, 2013

“No, Harry, I said no!” I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. “For the last time, NO! I don’t want to go out tonight. I am skyping Mia, remember?—No, I am not whipped.—I’m going to hang up now. NO! My goodness. Goodnight Harry. Yes I will say hello to Mia for you. Bye, Harry.”

I unlocked the door to the apartment I was staying in and walked in. My mail was scattered in the entry way. The courier had obviously shoved it under the door in an attempt to keep these things private from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

I stooped down to pick up the mail; a few pieces of fan mail, a couple things from management, and a letter that didn’t belong. 

I recognized the writing almost immediately. The letter was from Mia. Just thinking about her made me smile. I threw my jacket and the rest of the mail on to the kitchen table and sat down to read the letter.

Little did I know it would be the most surprising letter of my life.

TheDayIsGreen TheDayIsGreen Jun 24, 2013
Erm mah gerd I'm serpersep ter critique u but it is perf only thing is u said the day I met Liam but then u don't meet Liam until the next day
Lonewolfthings Lonewolfthings Jun 24, 2013
The story is sweet. You can feel the different emotions. it has humor yet its emotional good job.
                              you are a good writer so dont put yourself down.
                              hope that helped :)
LordVoldemortStyles LordVoldemortStyles Jun 23, 2013
This is really good so far!! Loving the storyline but maybe a little more description - especially on the main character? Other than that (and a few little spelling and grammar errors but they are easy to fix) this is going to be a great story!
matilda1234 matilda1234 Jun 23, 2013
This is a good start! Your descriptions were okay, but explain the setting a little more. You might also want to put more descriptions in to the main character. Other than that good job! Keep writing! :)
tryptopatz tryptopatz Jun 23, 2013
You're a really great writer :) Very detailed and the format's unique. Please continue, this is really interesting.
A_Mundi_Vitale A_Mundi_Vitale Jun 22, 2013
It was a very good start to your story and I really enjoyed it. Your description was very enticing and it really drew me in. This was definitely worth the read. Nice job. :)