Adopted By Janiel [ book one ]

Adopted By Janiel [ book one ]

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7 year old Norabella has lived a tough life. 

Her father, her monster of a father abused Norabella. Her mother Cassiebelle, loved Norabella with every inch of her heart. She would take hits for Nory. 

Her father, one night, drank 2x more his normal amount and went into a crazy rant. 

Cassiebelle tried to calm him down, but it all went south. Her father shot her mother in the leg. She lost to much blood before the ambulance could arrive and she passed. 

Norabella is now in police custody. She knows very little. She never ever left her bedroom. She doesn't even know what police men are. 
That is until Daniel Preda-Graceffa and Joey Preda-Graceffa enter her life and change it for the better. 

This is her story.

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Calli011Howell Calli011Howell Jul 22, 2017
This is my literal fourth time reading it!!!!!! Its the best book i have ever read!!!!
lazulichoi lazulichoi Aug 25, 2017
When a fictional character is luckier than you. I can relate
lazulichoi lazulichoi Aug 25, 2017
That was me. In the past when I was 6.
                              And LOOK AT ME NOW, READING GAY FANFICS :') 
                              I have changed a lot.
ImaEchoBack ImaEchoBack Sep 15, 2017
ImaEchoBack ImaEchoBack Sep 15, 2017
Amagine meeting a young girl.  She had a terrible backstory.  You walk up to her.  "Whats a taco? "
MidnightStarz12 MidnightStarz12 Oct 11, 2017
I was so innocent back then. One time my mom was watching a movie and these two guys kissed and I was 4 so I asked her why they were kissing and she said it was normal. Now look at me, I'm reading gay fanfics and absolutely loving them while doing so❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️