Jealous much?! - Dean x Reader x Damon

Jealous much?! - Dean x Reader x Damon

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AngelMariaKurenai By AngelMariaKurenai Updated Feb 28

"You seem a little too excited to be here, huh (Y/n)?" Dean looked at you through the rare view mirror, a smirk on his lips.

You rolled your eyes at him but a smile was on your lips nonetheless "It's just- I spent most of my years here, it's my hometown anyway" you shrugged, trying to play it off.

"And..." you started again "...I have some friends here that I haven't seen for so long that I- miss them"

"Friends friends?" Sam asked you with a smirk and you chuckled, winking but not saying a word.

"Here we are" Dean said suddenly, snapping both your attentions away, either he had caught on to what Sam implied and didn't like or the sign 'Mystic Falls' all of a sudden turned his mood for the worse. Yeah. Probably the first.

"Home sweet home huh?" Sam asked with a smile and you nodded your head.

"Sorta" you chuckled.

"Feels good to be back" you whispered mostly to yourself.

Dean smiled softly at you as well, his hand on your shoulder as he rubbed it softly. You could not deny that ...

bizzyboo818 bizzyboo818 Oct 06
                              DAMON HE WOULD LITERALLY RIP YOU TO SHREDS. DON'T GO THERE. (even if your sassy comebacks make you even hotter)
Please write more, I love everything I've read so far by you
bizzyboo818 bizzyboo818 Oct 29
Hello sorry to interrupt this lovely little fight for alpha but hey Damon do you mind, I don't know... ASKING ME IF I'M COMFORTABLE WITH YOU VERBALLY RELIVING OUR SMUT FOR ALL TO HEAR?
oh god, i hate how Damon is acting. but please update i NEED to see the rest of the story!
Do you want a peanut butter and JELLY sandwich on the side of your bad attitude?
                              Ok I'm done now
bizzyboo818 bizzyboo818 Oct 06
I don't like where this is going but at the same time I LOVE where this is going