I Hate my Crush

I Hate my Crush

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Netflixxlife By Netflixxlife Completed

"Why do you hate me so much?" He asks, pinning me against the wall. I didn't answer and he kissed me.


Alexis Hernandez funny, athletic, sarcastic, beautiful. She wants to be anything but normal, if anything she wants to be far from it. But she likes this guy. Daniel Santiago. He's the most popular guy in Eastwood high.
So she pretends to hate him. But how far can that go?

It's from hey Arnold stupid bitches🙄but I do live liza😍😂
Through the rest of this chapter im going to finish sing this song
rshoyode rshoyode Mar 19
Wait... what the hell??? There was aWattpad story about me and I didn't know about it???? I kinda feel stalked... 
                              Nah. Jk
Demon_Babe Demon_Babe Apr 28
i am very proud of myself for knowing what that meant without the translation
                              however im diisapointed that the only things i know how to say in spanish are whats for dinner 
                              and different types of food
_Marie_21_ _Marie_21_ Jun 11
I've liked my crush since he was a freshman. Now he's a senior
she is legit me except for the gay bestfriend and the golden brown eyes with the twin brother