Alpha Dearest

Alpha Dearest

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Ashley Gallagher By TODAYsjustanotherDAY Updated May 05, 2014

Beth O'Conner has hated the beta of her pack, Casey Ravenswood, since kindergarten, when he pushed her off the swing and made her land on a juicebox. When her father got a job on the Wolf Council, she was happy to move from him. 

But, when her father passes away, she is sent back to Ravenswood, the place she was born to live with her cousin. And when Beth sees Casey again, when they have both shifted, finding out they are mates... well, she isn't too happy.

Book 1 in the Ravenswood Weres series

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euthanasia_ euthanasia_ Apr 05, 2013
olla! I love werewolf stories and I'm glad I stumbled upon yours :D Casey is a really weird name for a guy but still love unique names. I know you said only comment on one chapter but do you mind if i read on pleaseeee
TODAYsjustanotherDAY TODAYsjustanotherDAY Apr 05, 2013
@Nikki143 Thanks for the comment! on your correction: it differs in every story you read ;)
Nikki143 Nikki143 Apr 05, 2013
This seems really good! Although I have a correction. You aren't the Beta before you take the Alpha position. They go to diif people. Like two different families. Not like prince and kings
ultraviolace ultraviolace Apr 01, 2013
I love this usually when they do wolf stories the guy like claims her right away and I have no idea who he is or where he came from but you explained a lot and I love that.
TODAYsjustanotherDAY TODAYsjustanotherDAY Oct 04, 2011
@iLinny @BrooklynBabe @Jennybeelove @imninja @ShadowRose17 @xoxoloveart @ClairedeLune @snowflakes10 Thanks guys!! The first chapter is up!!! If you havent already checked it out :)
mysterymist mysterymist Oct 03, 2011
i like it uh huh uh huh that's the way uh huh uh huh i like it..... lol good start