When a mourning girl named (Y/N)
 can't seem to find anyone to trust after her parents and sister died by the hands of a vicious killer named Kira, she meets a man named L. A detective who is adamant about catching Kira. She starts developing feelings for this man. Does he feel the same way? Will they catch kira?

I do not own Death Note or any characters in it.

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Is it just me or did someone else read valedictorian as victorian?
CringeWorthyPotato CringeWorthyPotato Jul 28, 2016
                              BLACK SKINNY JEANS AND BUNNY SLIPPERS
the-rad-mad the-rad-mad Dec 01, 2016
Why the hell is Light working at Starbucks isn't he like a genius er something??
AydinCain4917 AydinCain4917 Jul 19, 2016
when it said, Toka..... I imeddiately thought of Toka from Tokyo Ghoul. anyone else? no? okay.
the-rad-mad the-rad-mad Dec 01, 2016
Wow how convenient I've been reading/watching A LOT of Tokyo Ghoul recently too.
kelseythetrashcan kelseythetrashcan Oct 22, 2016
Omg Touka from Tokyo Ghoul!!! She's like...my fav character at the moment lol