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The Insomniac (L x reader)

The Insomniac (L x reader)

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Tie Ackerman By clean-freak-heichou Completed

Name: (F/N) (L/N).
Age: 22.
Relatives: dead.
Miss (L/N) has been in the asylum for 6 years, and in that time has had no contact with the outside world. She has insomnia and doesn't speak; she can, but chooses not to. Addiction with sweet things, mainly lollipops. She claims to see 'ghosts' or 'Shinigami'. She is crazy, but extremely intelligent.

You're an insane girl from the asylum, but are brought out early because of a certain raven haired detective. He claims that you can help him with the Kira case and together you go on a risky mission to find Kira.

(First fanfiction, there are a lot of bad grammar and mistakes in the plot.)

IAmLysol IAmLysol 4 hours ago
                              50% - 😏
                              30% - Want to be "eaten" by L.
                              10% -  Are asking which lollipop.
                              9% - Actually want candy right now.
                              1% - Please protect the beautiful little cinnamon rolls.
IAmLysol IAmLysol 4 hours ago
You could hear the madness in my voice.
                               And you can see the dear reader cringing.
wandering_question wandering_question 5 hours ago
Do you know the fitness gram pacer test by heart music included my good sir?
IAmLysol IAmLysol 5 hours ago
It is literally 3:47 am, and I just spent ten minutes of my life scrolling through all the comments just to see what the fangirls/fanboys have to say about this sentence. Kill me.
AWildJaney AWildJaney 3 days ago
                              I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED
                              T R I G G E R E D
KaylaDevil KaylaDevil 3 days ago
Has anyone see Boss Baby cause I died laughing when Boss Baby gave Tim a passyfire and said I want you to suck it