The Insomniac (L x reader)

The Insomniac (L x reader)

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Tie Ackerman By clean-freak-heichou Completed

Name: (F/N) (L/N).
Age: 22.
Relatives: dead.
Miss (L/N) has been in the asylum for 6 years. She has had no contact with the outside world for them 6 years. She has insomnia and doesn't speak. She can, but chooses not to. Addiction with sweet things, mainly lollipops. She claims to see 'ghosts' or 'Shinigami'. She is crazy, but extremely intelligent.

Your an insane girl from the asylum but you are brought out early because of a certain raven hated detective. He claims that you can help him with the Kira case and you both go an a risky mission to find Kira.

(I do not own you or the death note characters)

it's been 6 years since team tenrou disappered. Fairy Tail's guild was small and barely had any work- wrong anime
Alli2043 Alli2043 7 days ago
Wow smart move, inviting the crazy bïtch to your house to talk to your small child
Mossstar Mossstar Jan 14
There are so many comments on here and some of them don't make any sense.
Just casually getting ready for a date with my darling ryuzaki...
*laughs in Russian bc victor is my wife* NOPE. NOT INSANE. AT ALL.
Meggi_chan Meggi_chan Jan 11
Author~chan you know me so well 
                              I'm crazy and love the colour black hehe