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The Insomniac (L x reader)

The Insomniac (L x reader)

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Tie Ackerman By clean-freak-heichou Completed

Name: (F/N) (L/N).
Age: 22.
Relatives: dead.
Miss (L/N) has been in the asylum for 6 years. She has had no contact with the outside world for them 6 years. She has insomnia and doesn't speak. She can, but chooses not to. Addiction with sweet things, mainly lollipops. She claims to see 'ghosts' or 'Shinigami'. She is crazy, but extremely intelligent.

Your an insane girl from the asylum but you are brought out early because of a certain raven hated detective. He claims that you can help him with the Kira case and you both go an a risky mission to find Kira.

(I do not own you or the death note characters)

Add that I'm a strange child and like to talk about weird things like knives and blood.... Jk jk, but I do actually like anything gore-related.
oooohhhh what kind of lolipop???😏😏😏 hello dirty mind...
Evie174 Evie174 Apr 17
I'm not insane, I just think differently then the rest. They laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at them because their all the same.
Male!me : i smell mary sue here...
                              Me: *Kills male me* rude.
What the text says: 'I want that lollipop" I thought to myself.
                              What it REALLY translates to in my head: 'I want his "lollipop" ' I thought to myself, mentally licking my lips imagining the taste of the insides. (<~~ if ya know what I mean 😏😉)
Person: She's fûcking insane right?
                              L: I don't care, it's for the sake of the plot
                              Person: understood
                              *me in background* HELL YEAH!