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Amanda Hocking By AmandaHocking Updated May 24, 2013

Author's Note: This is an exclusive excerpt for Wattpad readers.

Gemma loved the way it felt when he kissed her, and his mouth was hungry and eager on hers. He didn't appear that strong- though when he crushed her to him like this, she could feel the firm tone of his muscles under the thin fabric of  is shirt-so it was as if his passion made him stronger.

It wasn't that Kirby  was a particularly  great kisser. Gemma had made a decision to stop comparing everyone to Alex or the way he kissed, because they would all come up short. But even without Alex in the mix, Kirby wasn't the top contender.

Still,  there was a reason that she'd gone out with him a few times, and that all their dates ended up in the backseat of his old Toyota.  They  hadn't done much more than kiss, and Gemma wouldn't take it any further.

What kept her coming back to Kirby wasn't love or his kisses. Her heart still longed for Alex, and only Alex. But she couldn't be with him, and she couldn't sulk around the hous...

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Anv290901 Anv290901 Jan 24, 2015
Hi Amanda! I'm already reading your books and I think there are awesome. I think you are a good writer. For that, your books are like magic. Well, I just wanted to say you that, so I hope you will writing more stories... Peace ✌️
sadiya7866 sadiya7866 Nov 15, 2014
Why did she hav to break up with Alex I understand the reason but she now she is dating kirby  it will the same as was with Alex and will hav to break up wid him. It's silly
sweetnothing15 sweetnothing15 Nov 01, 2014
i read the last two of these books and i still haven't bought tidal or elegy yet :( but this is an amazing book :)
ThelastGirlA ThelastGirlA Dec 22, 2013
This is such a good book i can't believe that i haven't read this book before
- - Jul 17, 2013
Hi Amanda. I'm one of your biggest fans. I cannot wait until Tidal is fully released, or to get my hands on your My Blood Approves book. I have finished every book in the Trylle trilogy and I love your work. I'd absolutely die if you private chatted me so, please...make me smile?
My_Heart_Decides My_Heart_Decides Jul 03, 2013
God, woman, why do write such good stories??!!HOW do you write such good stories??!!! Let me in on your teachings, O great one.