Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya)

Love Rivalry (Shizuo x Reader x Izaya)

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Read this cringy thing at your own risk

[F/N] [L/N] is a very nice person to others. She always tries to remain cheerful and positive. How would things turn out if she met Shizuo and Izaya? And what dark secret of hers will they 

This does include a bit of a Yandere-ish feelings in some characters. Plus there is one OC I created additionally to the story.

I do not own Durarara, only the plot that I have created. Durarara belongs to Ryōgo Narita.

I wouldn't read it, it's my first book so its very cringy. Just a warning

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Ainyaan Ainyaan Oct 07, 2017
Gj me hugging stangers is a good thing what if they stabbed you in the back!
lxah_x lxah_x Mar 16
Hmmm? How about Riverdale. I mean it's at town, it's far away and it has a dreaded past!
Wooow the alley's huh? Wonder what's going to happen thereeeee.
Fairywitch1 Fairywitch1 Mar 21
I'm going to guess that the voice inside her head is just a little "imaginary friend" lol 🤣
He sound like an old lady when he said “Oh shush” or maybe it’s just my mind.😂
The voice says: call me daddy [F/N]~chan or else you get raped by Tom