Bullied by jacob sartorius

Bullied by jacob sartorius

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syd.sartorius By syd-ovoxo Updated Aug 23, 2016

  Hey I'm Sydney and I had been getting bullied by Jacob Sartorius. Yes, Jacob Sartorius I know you're thinking that he's so sweet but he's not. I'll tell you how it all began. 

Jacob started to act all different lately so I decided to go to his house 
**at his house**
I knocked on his door and he answered but he was with Mark,Weston,Bryce,and Mario. He grapped my arm and dragged me inside. "Let go of me!" I told him "Fine!" he said. He and his friends circled around me and started saying,"She's the one you hang out with?" Said Mark. "Yes,she is."said Jacob and then Bryce picked me up by my hair and started punching me. 
  **end of flashback** 

  Thats how it all began I hate walking into school knowing that Jacob and his group of f***kbois are going to beat me.

shanawat shanawat Aug 01, 2017
I'm eating a devil cream and I want to throw up bcuz I know this is a book but I just hate the fact that they beat her. No type of bullying is good but if she has to be bullied a least let it be cyber or verbal
Kileyuptown Kileyuptown Aug 29, 2016
ok this is all wrong why would jacob bully you he got bullied i think you wrote this for attention he would never do such a thing.
DanielleGutierrez1 DanielleGutierrez1 Jul 02, 2016
Lies and more lies your just trying to get attention well I don't believe sweetly so quit waisting our time 😊👋
AchintSartorius AchintSartorius Nov 27, 2016
You are completely right. Jacob knows how it feels to be bullied and he would never do such a thing to someone.
JacobsWifi JacobsWifi May 20, 2016
sydneys eye lashes scare me they remind me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid...
cutielolthatme cutielolthatme Feb 12, 2016
I still do not believe  cause jacob said live on younow he does not have any friends at school and he used to get bullies I think he still do but idk