I'll be home soon - Larry AU (boyxboy)

I'll be home soon - Larry AU (boyxboy)

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Karolien By Lalalaartje Completed

Louis Tomlinson, 28, internationally succesful football player for Stoke city and the national team. He's openly gay and happily married to Harry Styles, who sacrificed his career to support his husband and raise their children.

As Louis' football career starts really kicking off, needing him to train a lot, go on international trips with the team, his family seems to be getting in second place.

Will Harry be still happy with a second place? Will he still be willing to sacrifice everything for a husband who's never there and kids that start asking where their other dad is?

What if Louis gets an opportunity he can't refuse, but that requires him to move abroad?

Choices have to be made, fights be fought and tears will be shed. Who will win this game, or is there even a winner?

mirayxdemir mirayxdemir Aug 19
i read it even bech and i noticed i really missed even bech næsheim okay thank you
watertail11 watertail11 Feb 17
3 kids and he hasn't reached the I have a baby fashion and attitude. Come on Harold step up your game
hellagayhufflepuff hellagayhufflepuff Mar 17, 2016
I am I the only one that thought that the last part of this paragraph was kinda sexist
SimplyLouis SimplyLouis Oct 21, 2015
whenever I wanna read an angst fic and cry I come read this fic
Larry_Niam4ever Larry_Niam4ever Oct 07, 2014
When I read "I'll be home soon" I got that feeling that something rly bad is gonna happen *chews thumbnails* the fücking suspense
onedirfiction onedirfiction Aug 28, 2014
I know that it wasn't really a big part of this chapter, but who topped? hehe...