Devoured Soul • Edward Cullen

Devoured Soul • Edward Cullen

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"she was destructive in the most gentle sense. like a hurricane that simply caressed your face, yet left you completely ruined. so soft, so distracting that you didn't even feel the pain, that you didn't even notice that you were being torn apart."

[breaking dawn pt2]


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-hollandshit -hollandshit Jul 09, 2017
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BeachyCreek BeachyCreek May 24, 2017
I honestly don't care if Nina is overused, she's still my wife, lol😂😂
sectumsirius sectumsirius Aug 01, 2017
thank you so much for using priyanka! her beauty and personality is never truly recognised and seeing you use her as a faceclaim for the main character and not just a side really makes me happy!