My Mate Is The Alpha's Son

My Mate Is The Alpha's Son

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EricaGoesRawr By EricaGoesRawr Updated Sep 21, 2016

Heyy guys and girls. lol. Soo this is my storyy. Actually it's my first ever story to be on watt pad. Isnt that exciting?? of course it is!!!  sooo Yea. I will be Posting my first chappie inna few. i have it writtin out on in my notes and stuff so it wont take me that long to post it up(:

I'd like some comments on how im doing. And Votes. Please. It's really not that much to do:P

Also, if you want me to read your story, just ask me and I'll do it(:

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JustSomeInternetGirl JustSomeInternetGirl Jun 06, 2014
Can you please read my story it's called Hide and Go Alpha, I'm doing my best to make my Story like yours! I super duper love this book, and can you please share it to others. With lots of love ~ I'm a fan of your BOOK!
peachyg2319 peachyg2319 May 26, 2014
Would you mind checking out my story Autumn's Curse? It's in editing and I'd really like some feedback since I'm unsure of making two more books after and would love opinions! It's not a werewolf story it's realistic..
CupcakeEatingUnicorn CupcakeEatingUnicorn Apr 30, 2014
Ummm can u read my story??? Plz it's not finished but I would like some encouragement to keep people happy!!! It's called: Alex Rider: A Spark Of Insanity 
justhtchicmimi justhtchicmimi Apr 26, 2014
Hi! Uhm. I was wondering if you would read my book? Its called Forbidden Love. Its a werewolf story as well. And Also I would advertise your book if you did so with mine?? Thanks for even looking at this. It means a lot!!
9brownbear8 9brownbear8 Mar 29, 2014
Will you read my first story I'm still working on it it's called My Alpha Mate Save Me
EricaGoesRawr EricaGoesRawr Sep 09, 2011
@Night-World I was in the process of making one actually(: Soo Yea lol. And i know the tittle is kinda boring. im trying to thinkof something way better but thats all i came up with soo i might try to think about it later or something once i have the first chapter upp