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Darling! ( Mettaton x Reader )

Darling! ( Mettaton x Reader )

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☆ By mettatonneo Completed

Warning! This story may contain spoilers for the pacifist run of Undertale, so made sure you've finished that first! There IS NSFW/Lemon in this story, but it is only for a brief chapter-and it is not required that you read it. 
You've been in the underground for a while. You're only a human, but you've decided to stay in the underground instead of leaving everything behind to reach the surface. You're a big fan of the star of the underground, Mettaton-you couldn't explain how you felt about him in any way other than that you were romantically attracted to him...Especially in his newer form...
This is the second x Reader fanfic I've done so far and oh man I'm really excited to write this one! To be honest I've been really excited to get to this one which might explain my compulsive updating on the previous one...Oops.

I love MTT but he can be a jerk sometimes BUT THATS SHOW BUSINESS BABY
taekookie_joshler taekookie_joshler Jun 15, 2016
pfft like i would leave the house! I would probably order a pizza or somethin.
JasmineVictoria1 JasmineVictoria1 Mar 20, 2016
This is logical., I would maybe do that... You're good at this!
InsertAestheticName InsertAestheticName Apr 02, 2016
'Mettaton had turned back on.'
                              Half of my thoughts: *thinks of song Turn Me On
                              Other half: Wut
TimatsuRose TimatsuRose Nov 02, 2016
You forgot Naruto shippuden, full metal alquimist brotherhood, sailor moon and many more!
- - Dec 28, 2015
What is Spirited Away even about? I haven't seen it... I've only seen five animes... SAO,ALO,GGO,FMA, and Bleach..