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I have a thing for boobs (girlxgirl)

I have a thing for boobs (girlxgirl)

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heywassuphello By iwritestorieslol_ Updated Jul 09

Do you know what I like? Boobs, and asses of course. And I found a girl with just the right size... I can't wait to make her feel good

Most of the stuff in here is boob sex? If that even is a thing. But there will be vagina action in here too. Enjoy!

I just hate everyone.. I'm kinda like, "meh who cares.." Maybe I'm a loner? I've never had a crush on someone.. So maybe
If she asked me that I would already have the what I call, "Red Rose Face." That's because my face would be as red as a rose if I "could" I would wiggle her nipples while she's sleeping.. But, I'd be "paralyzed" the whole night staring at the breasts.. Jesus what is wrong with me..
I'd rather be bisexual.. I'm not quite sure what I am though.. Maybe someone can tell if I'm Straight,Bisexual,or Lesbian just by knowing what I like..?
The title: I like have a thing for boobs
                              Welp, your not alone, I do too!
CTMR_07 CTMR_07 Mar 12
Yeah babe!! But me is I respect girls and kinda hated boys a lot.... I have few insecurities for boys... But I love being me
Don't know, but I would be shaking like I need to go to an insane asylum.. Now that I've read this I can't get boobs out if my head... Oh Jesus I can't wait for the next page though!