Emery's Story

Emery's Story

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The sequel to Fighter is Emery's Story. This book follows Maddox and Hadley's daughter, Emery. 

Growing up with her strict father and annoying twin brother's has been hard. So, when Emery and her cousin Amber move in together they get into trouble, forcing Maddox to take swift action to insure their safety and his peace of mind. With the help of J.J. Parker, Hadley's cousin and Amber's father, they bring in the big guns, literally. Fresh from years over areas in multiple counties Green Beret Major Nixon Ross agrees to move in with the girls to teach them self defense, until he finds a place of his own. What Nixon didn't expect to find was his immediate attraction to Emery. Emery has the same attraction towards Nixon, but not wanting be be just another girl to him she fights it. When Mark Pillar, who plays professional baseball like his father shows an interest in dating Emery as well, the drama starts. Emery has known Mark her whole life, she's never thought of him as more then a brother figure. With two men trying to win her heart, who will she choose?

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just_faithless just_faithless Apr 27, 2018
Lmao “Yes, kitten.” I can just imagine Maddox pouting while saying that🤣💀
princesssamantha1 princesssamantha1 Dec 14, 2017
😂😂😂😂that cracked me up so bad I'd like to keep my sheep lol
KatelynRBS KatelynRBS Nov 14, 2016
I LOVE the fact that J.J is in this story too!  Not a big part, but it's still nice :)
Lila-K Lila-K Aug 07, 2016
Oh god! Hilarious! This author never fails to make me laugh.
Sky_grey22 Sky_grey22 Jul 13, 2016
I love this book already because of the fact my name is Emery😊
KatelynRBS KatelynRBS Nov 14, 2016
Like who would ever think that putting a hot ass guy in an apartment unsupervised with two probably hot girls could go right?  Come on now, let's be honest ;)