Forced - Phan AU

Forced - Phan AU

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ya girl By phanwby Updated Jul 04

Phil's family needed the money, Dan's family could spare the money.


- swearing
- smut (later on in the story) 
- self injury 
- mental disorders 

I'm sorry to have so many warnings, and I am in no way forcing Phan or promoting mental illnesses.

Stay safe and enjoy.

galaxydjh galaxydjh Jul 17
So they're in college/sixth form? I'm confused and I'm British
Dude! Have you seen her? I look like a turtle who dressed themselves in the dark next to Louise
I'm a confused American
                              If someone is in "year twelve" they're in high school 
                              Wtf is sixth form 😂
kjellester kjellester Dec 03
Plus Dan is only 100% bitçh. Mean, Poopy and some thing called NAH. He isn't even a bean.
catsorcakes catsorcakes Nov 30
louise is better looking than most models these day to be honest... most models look anorexic, so dun be an ass dan :P
fellsans232 fellsans232 Nov 13
Yes! Finally after finishing other phanfictions I finally found a good one. If anyone wants t suggest any phanfictions that are good please do.