Memories behind the horizon: Story of my father

Memories behind the horizon: Story of my father

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Acimos By Acimos Updated Aug 29, 2011

Scene of the novel is putted into late year of 2012 where a 3rd world war rages through the world. We fallow a path of a 20 year old Dominick that is called in duty to defend his country, but to defend it in battles that take him far away from his home and the love of his life. Yet in the end the road taken by Dominick once more meets Neeleys (his love), which concludes in new discoveries and new beginnings. Story is changing, who is told by, from Dominick himself, his son, friends and even through his love during the 1 year event that changes not only the world itself but the people close to the main characters. Story is not based on real event, but it is based on authors prescription of today events and the state of world order. Once again, we can combine romance through rough nature of humans.


I hope that you will like this story because it is the first to be published, but there will be more stories, yet with other themes. I apologize for any grammar mistakes and I ask you for any critics, good or bad, you have about the story. Thank you!


Keep your eye on the horizon!


 This and all stories written are dedicated to the love of my Life, Nuša, who I owe everything to, as she is my inspiration and she is the beacon of light in my life.

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Acimos Acimos Aug 28, 2011
Thanks to both of you :) I will do something new today what i haven''t seen anywhere. Probably gonna add a new chapter to vampire series :D
luvforbooks luvforbooks Aug 28, 2011
Very descriptive and i lovee it, it totally gets you in the 'mood' ! =)
                              V O T E D .. =D
                              Andd i would love it if you could read my story 
                              Thank Youuu =]
Sierra256715 Sierra256715 Aug 28, 2011
Spelling-6pts Grammar-7pts Plot-6pts Originality-7pts Reader Appeal-7pts Overall: 33/50
                              The prologue and first chapter could be written more neatley! I like the idea but you should try to paragraph and edit a bit!
                              Thx for your entry!