Sweets ➸ Zouis

Sweets ➸ Zouis

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HIATUS By guardianzayngels Updated Jul 23, 2017

[ONGOING | AU] Louis is just a boy who likes to wear skirts and paint his nails. Zayn is just a boy who likes to sleep around and wants Louis to be one of the people he sleeps with.

Warning: Contains strong language.

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                              *a little girl with a One Direction blanket on her with a crown looking straight ahead with sunglasses* :..... Gucci
It’s a family show!....Or is it?! Sorry I saw the chance and I took it
sailingteam sailingteam Oct 03, 2017
im so glad you made her supportive and nice! a lot of fics make the parents unsupportive all the time and its a breath of fresh air lol
normalisoverated normalisoverated Feb 26, 2017
ITS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK TO BE YOURSELF🎶🎶(I know I changed the lyrics it just seemed fitting especially in society these days😟)
starchoi starchoi Jan 23, 2017
Also, makeup has no gender. Like i just dont go around telling people that, "why are you sitting on a chair? that chair is a girls chair" or "why are you opening that door? that door is a boy" like who tf says that
starchoi starchoi Jan 23, 2017
I mean he is a pixie, but literally tho, imma bitch slap you.