Poison ➸ Louis Centric

Poison ➸ Louis Centric

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HIATUS By guardianzayngels Updated Sep 25, 2017

[ONGOING | AU] ❝That boy is poison.❞

Warning: Contains strong language and mature scenes.

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hetaprssia hetaprssia Jun 19, 2017
I hate sluts and I am trying to keep my cool at this point- smh
hedflyhome hedflyhome Jan 06
If I was to meet Louis i would bend down and ask him to take the picture cause he’s “too tall” just so I’d make him feel special. Then, I’d stand up to my actual height and tell him he’s really smol and he’s get all defensive and omg hhah
aestheticalsx28 aestheticalsx28 Jul 15, 2017
Sure, go ahead Lou. It's not like the rest of your boyfriends-who you don't actually have feelings for- are ever gonna notice they didn't put that there.
aestheticalsx28 aestheticalsx28 Jul 15, 2017
Damñ right, tho he probably won't give a rats aśs in all actuality
ThePrincessnialler ThePrincessnialler Aug 13, 2017
Hahaha of course the nickname Niall gives him is a food😂😂
aestheticalsx28 aestheticalsx28 Jul 15, 2017
Say it 👏  louder 👏 for 👏 the 👏 deaf cheater 👏 right 👏 in front 👏 of you