How to Dethrone A Prince by BlackLily

How to Dethrone A Prince by BlackLily

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Hi! I'm Emerald Cardenas. Living a not so ordinary life. Having a superflous friends. And I am not an ordinary girl. In fact, they call me the Biatch Extraordinaire because I am not an ordinary biatch. I don't want to overemphasize it coz I know you're not stooooopid.

My life is exciting because I made it exciting. I live my life the way I want it. I am not your ordinary spoiled brat who whines and calls her daddy when someone messes up with her. I don't whine because no one messes up with me. I messes up with them.

I believe that life is how you make it and live by it. I so hate hate boring life. I am a planner so I constantly plan on how to make my life more exciting. I have projects. And my current project is:

How To Dethrone A Prince.

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