Vampire Pet

Vampire Pet

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space3383 By space3383 Updated Jul 16, 2016

Check up ☝ for Sarah's picture. 

I Wanna Snuggle

This has always been the best place to buy pets, whether you want a guard for your home like a 6'5" man, or a something more cuddley like a 5 year old child. 
I Wanna Snuggle has always taken great care of their pets. 
They are fed properly, have a place where they can all hang out, and are given a privet place to go, if you know what I mean. Most of the animals here (humans) are pretty happy....

Sarah is NOT one of those happy ones. While she can't say she has a horrible life, she wishes she were back with her family. She barley remembers her parents, but she knows they were good to her.

Sarah was outside on a bench. This is where the humans could all come together and hang out. It was like a dog park only for humans. Sarah didn't really have any friends, but she knew everyone. Sarah noticed one of the employees (Mike) with what looked like a customer. The customer looked about 16-17, had s...

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Wednesday-E-C Wednesday-E-C Jun 16, 2017
The person im imagining is Rebecca from The Orginals but she would never be this sympathtic
Soxie3 Soxie3 Aug 31, 2016
Love it..just try to not start all your sentences with "Sarah" (I can't really talk tho, I'm not the best at writing myself....👌🏻😅"
- - Jun 26, 2016
how is she not even drowsy?not to mention passed out on the floor?
Soxie3 Soxie3 Aug 31, 2016
Pft, she's just kinda stood there like "YH okay...there's blood all over me. Okay..that's cool, everything great." 
                              (No wait that's more like me injuring myself in pe) 😂😂👊🏻