The Princess of Aramanda

The Princess of Aramanda

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I hated the society and it's norms which were bestowed upon us from the day we were born and were required to be followed till our death. 

Unlike other girls of my village, I would rather ride horses and climb trees than gossip about boys or frilled dresses.I was a rebel, someone who never followed these rules. But all that changed after the decree was issued. 

' I, Queen Apolla, Queen of Aramanda,  Lady of the Isle and mother of Prince Christopher and John, hereby issue a decree on all young maidens and men of the village of Frodangram of the age of fifteen  , to report to the Creston Castle by the following day. To ensure that everyone is reported , I shall send carriages to collect all those of age. No one of age should be left behind , if so , report to the castle immediately without further delay and if anyone is found violating the decree issued , the violator shall be sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.
Her majesty , 
Queen Apolla ' 

Suddenly , I was surrounded by all those who followed these etiquettes as though they were a part of their lives. Women blindly obeyed men , without questioning even a single right, men were taught to be agressive and tough while us women were taught to be submissive,  gentle , docile and obdient. 

I may not be a princess who could issue laws and enforce them on people but I am rebel , I could influence them........

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