Ouran High school Host Club: boyfriend/girlfriend Scenarios ((editing))

Ouran High school Host Club: boyfriend/girlfriend Scenarios ((editing))

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(ง'̀-'́)ง Lucy By Hallucynation Updated Jan 23

"I chose to jump

He didn't push me, I chose to jump. I remember staring down and feeling afraid. It's not the fear of jumping that got to me, it was the fear of falling for him, and he wouldn't be there to catch me. I chose to jump and I fell for him. I decided to look over my fears and enjoy the fall while it lasted, for if he wasn't there to catch me, it would make me more stronger then ever.

I chose to jump."

~Hallucynation (Hey, that's me!) 
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 Started: September 19, 2015 9:21 PM 
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He is going to put me in cardiac arrest he is too damn sweet
Silverfox246 Silverfox246 Sep 25, 2017
Me: Sorry...
                              Overprotective sister: *pulls out katana* BISH HOW DARE YOU! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT . IMMA KILL YOU!
TheAppleDoctor TheAppleDoctor Oct 21, 2017
I died when Y/N said, "Hey, man, thanks..." that seems like something I would actually say to my crush😂😂😂
GalaxyWolfLife GalaxyWolfLife Aug 27, 2017
;-; ik I am you dont have to tell me......
                              HOE ARE YOU IN THE HOST CLUB YOUR SUCH A MEANIE!!!!!
GalaxyWolfLife GalaxyWolfLife Aug 27, 2017
YAAAAAAAAAY FREEEE ICE FREAM is it weird that I 'accidently' run into people so they have to buy me another ice cream :D