Ouran High school Host Club: Boyfriend And Girlfriend Scenarios | EDITING

Ouran High school Host Club: Boyfriend And Girlfriend Scenarios | EDITING

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(ง'̀-'́)ง Lucy By Hallucynation Updated Mar 15

"I chose to jump

He didn't push me, I chose to jump. I remember staring down and feeling afraid. It's not the fear of jumping that got to me, it was the fear of falling for him, and he wouldn't be there to catch me. I chose to jump and I fell for him. I decided to look over my fears and enjoy the fall while it lasted, for if he wasn't there to catch me, it would make me more stronger then ever.

I chose to jump."

~Hallucynation (Hey, that's me!) 
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 Credits: Ouran High School Host Club belongs to Bisco Hatori, a Japanese manga artist. The anime belongs to Funimation. All original scenarios belongs to me. Cover made with: PicsArt. 

Important: Y/N L/N is a non-gender, non skin-colour, non-weight character. She/He/They are your character. You can make what you want out of Y/N. (Note: When it comes to the dating scenario, you may make an outfit for them and link the outfit in the comments section, for I will not be choosing how Y/N will dress up as. Also, when it comes to the *ahem* lemon, I will write two scenarios. One for the girl, and one for the guy.) 
 Started: September 19, 2015 9:21 PM 
Completed: Editing

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Xxxtmnt-DonniexxX Xxxtmnt-DonniexxX Oct 21, 2017
Thank you for informing us but I was scared when I saw this title. I'm glad it's not that.
IamAnnaShres IamAnnaShres Oct 23, 2017
I saw the title and actually got so mad but then I read the whole thing so now I understand so thanks
lovelyfavs lovelyfavs Oct 21, 2017
When I noticed you updated I was happy then I saw the title and I was like ummm no. Because I'm very uncomfortable with stuff like that but glad it's an A/N! Anyway take your time and can't wait ❤️
TheAppleDoctor TheAppleDoctor Oct 21, 2017
Take your time. Though I was about to read those other scenarios. Guess I'll just have to wait.
AkabaneTh AkabaneTh Oct 21, 2017
Actually I'm not reading this because of the title, Author - chan. I love your work, they are amazing. Just take your time, it would be really hard reading your old chapters cuz it can be, like, really clingy
MelonSai MelonSai Oct 21, 2017
Ok when I read the title I was like WTF 
                              Now that I know it's an A.N. I'm fine