Spaces Between Us | g.d

Spaces Between Us | g.d

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Christina By ChrisHere Updated Jun 24, 2016

Do you know that feeling you get when someone smiles and you can't hold but smile back with the same smile because their happiness is your happiness?

A story about a girl who believes love does not exist..but when she finds it across the street, will she admit it? Will they confess their love to each other and step out of the friend zone?

"It happens when I meet someone who means something to me."

Wait. What?

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Me when the teacher assigns homework over a lesson we didn't even go over 😂
If "the one win the blond highlights" (aka daddy) was staring at me, I'd probably say "Yo, what up. I see you looking at me *Wink* let's hang"
sofiya-m sofiya-m Jul 11, 2016
I literally have the same thing I can't call people by their names when I first meet them bc I feel weird doing doesn't matter who it friend......whatever the case