Escape from h*ll to meet the cullens! [ ON HOLD!]

Escape from h*ll to meet the cullens! [ ON HOLD!]

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lisa By blackheart_blacksoul Updated Feb 13, 2011

It's 2076 not much has changed, humans still don''t know of the existence of the supernatural world 
(other than a select few of people) and vampires along with other super naturals have evolved
whether from natural ways(however natural you can put it) or ... other ways.

Vampires have grown from the ``sparkling in the sunlight`` into something less gay and are more dangerous.(no offence)

Although there are those who understand and except the "new breed" there are those who feel they should be feared or used as a "weapon".

Hope and her family are experimented on for that purpose, but they escape and run away to Forks Washington, and that is where they meet the Cullen's or the old breed of vampires that still live there.

When the new breed and the old breed meet out of fate will they fight or get along.

And what happens when the government wants there experiments back and will do anything to do so??

  • damon
  • hope
  • jayden
  • kyle
  • son
  • zander
  • zane
Tatiana82 Tatiana82 Nov 24, 2010
Maybe in this book you can find a way to make the Cullens stop sparkling.
kurou1 kurou1 Nov 22, 2010
please upload i lovre it sooooooo much cant wait please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!