You're Mine Now

You're Mine Now

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Pink12799 By Pink12799 Updated Jan 04, 2017

Los Castello's are ruthless, cold hearted, vengeful, and the most feared, and successful gang around. They are known for drug dealing, selling weapons, and killing without a trace. In this gang what is most important is family. All there gang leaders are loyal and treated like family. Being Mexican and Italian tradition means a lot and is never broken. 

Kaiden Castello is going to be the next leader of Los Castello's once he turns 18. It is tradition that the eldest child in the family is the new leader once he/she turn's 18, but they also need to be married. If not married at 18 than he parents get to choose he/she bride/groom. Kaiden being 18 turning 19 still isn't married and is 'to busy with gang work' to look for a women to marry so he trusts his parents to find him a bride.

Katalina Russo just turned 18 and has no time for fun or men. She has to take care of her mom who's dying of cancer and working 2 jobs to pay medical bills. Her older brother Leo also helps with paying the bills by being a member in Los Castello's gang. her Dad died in a gang war, he was also a member in Los Castello's and good friends with Kaiden's dad. 

	When her mom receives a call from Kaiden's parents about a marriage proposal will she accept it and see her daughter marry before she dies? Or live her life as it is? Will Kaiden like the idea? Will Katalina accept it?

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candy_land_forever candy_land_forever Jan 27, 2016
I have a question if his mother eyes green and his father eyes blue how did he get brown eyes??
PuppiesAreLove PuppiesAreLove Jan 25, 2016
I'm already in love with this book!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆
KianaHawkins KianaHawkins Jan 09, 2016
The moment you stop caring or getting angry when the parent puts the kid into an arranged marriage is when you know that you've been reading WAAAAYYYY too many arranged wedding stories....this might be a problem...