Because Of You

Because Of You

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Grace Anderson was left packless and without a family when the most ruthless Alpha to walk on earth decided to avenge the death of his dead father, whom he believes was killed by Graces' very own pack, the Crescent Moon Pack. But how can an innocent pack be capable of such an atrocity? 

Answer is, they weren't capable of that.

One misunderstanding led to hundreds dead, but in the midst of that there was one sole survivor; Grace Anderson, the Alphas younger sister. 

Traumatized, afraid, and alone Grace set out to explore the world and forget all the pain from her past.

Now, three years later, she is back for the death anniversary of her pack. Returning every year on the same day is a yearly tradition, so why would this year be any different?

Little does Grace know that this year will change her life forever.

Not because she will come across a few new and unexpected people, but because she'll be coming across the one person who ruined her life and is the cause of her pain. 

That one person is the very own ruthless Alpha that wiped out the entire Crescent Moon Pack.

The same Alpha who is also her mate.

  • alpha
  • dominant
  • family
  • hate
  • love
  • luna
  • mates
  • packs
  • ruthless
  • werewolf

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