Blue Sun

Blue Sun

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Sally Slater By SallySlater Updated Apr 15, 2015

In a world with two suns, Tesni Kendrick has been taught to fear the blue sun and the people it shines over. In the South, the Wilde can harness the blue sun's power to perform great and terrible feats of magic. Tesni makes her home in the North, where the Wilde are the enemy, the blue sun doesn't shine and magic doesn't exist.

Or at least it's not supposed to. For five years, Tesni has hidden her ability to wield magic and suppressed her powers. But when her father, the king's most loyal general, captures a group of Wilde men, Tesni's curiosity gets the best of her. From a handsome Wilde boy, she learns there is more to her magic than she ever imagined.

Tesni's quest for knowledge--and the consequences it brings--takes her on a journey to the Wildelight, where the blue sun shines in full force and magic runs rampant. Can she learn to tame her magic from a people as wild as their name?

Fanatic_no_1 Fanatic_no_1 Jun 08, 2017
Just a suggestion, what if you changed the word "butted" with something like rammed. I think it gets the strength of the hit better
Oh tell me more tell me more like... What the heck happened?!
Bibliophile96_ Bibliophile96_ Nov 27, 2016
I'd be surprised if she did. Prisons I don't think are very fun
KAWerts KAWerts Jun 03, 2016
Wow! You have me captured already! I'm very interested to see where this tale goes.
breeluvsulatte breeluvsulatte Feb 03, 2016
Great job thx for supporting me on my 1st stry✨😉😆👍🏽😊
Keiyra- Keiyra- Oct 07, 2015
And then there's just me.......
                              ME: IM GOING OUT AND THERE NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!
                              PARENTS: but it's midnight and your grounded!
                              ME: I DONT CARE! *slams door*
                              .......... I have my own ways of getting my way