What a curvy girl wants

What a curvy girl wants

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Tired As Hell By BabyDollKnowsAll Updated Feb 06

Juliette M. Lake was not fat. She was curvy and had the hips of a goddess, that didn't stop her from feeling as insecure as ever. Even though her friends tell her she's perfect.

Maybe she'll start believing when her bosses brother Joins the company and makes it his business to be around Juliette all day.

The last one was all the way under the table and I tried to bend down and get it. Stretching my arms to reach the sheet, almost got it! Then I heard the door to the meeting room open and I stopped all movement.

Whoever it was didn't say anything for a while then spoke.

"What a fine pair of cheeks"

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Kuraeh Kuraeh Dec 05, 2017
Hey, me and you are the same on the virginity status. And I don't find anything wrong with that!
Kiki-moore Kiki-moore Mar 12
Hell to the knaw.  I don't want perfection I want okay-ness they are always better
DrunkWolf2003 DrunkWolf2003 Dec 06, 2017
Whyyy child he's got a boner cause of you damn I'm a full virgin and even I get that
kkimarianderson kkimarianderson Oct 03, 2017
Oh baby I like it I'm so excited don't try to hide it imma make oh my bit*h
TrisEaton_xo TrisEaton_xo Dec 12, 2017
She's a prefect of what house?
                              *this is sarcasm im just being funny
Kuraeh Kuraeh Dec 05, 2017
Oh hon, u shouldn't be. Just cos she's pretty and rich doesn't mean she isn't beyond rotten inside and the inner character of a person is what matter most. So chin up!