What a curvy girl wants

What a curvy girl wants

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Juliette M. Lake was not fat. She was curvy and had the hips of a goddess, that didn't stop her from feeling as insecure as ever. Even though her friends tell her she's perfect.

Maybe she'll start believing when her bosses brother Joins the company and makes it his business to be around Juliette all day.

The last one was all the way under the table and I tried to bend down and get it. Stretching my arms to reach the sheet, almost got it! Then I heard the door to the meeting room open and I stopped all movement.

Whoever it was didn't say anything for a while then spoke.

"What a fine pair of cheeks"

Ashley graham who's portraying her is pretty busty. She has DDD. And yeah she is tall tho. I loveeee Ashley so much
liyah1603 liyah1603 Apr 12
😍 love at first sight... 
                              can't decide which one 😍😍😍
kemelly542 kemelly542 Aug 30
Tan abusando nah gtfoh I can barely work 5 hours in the mailroom 😂😂she must be gettin paid some good money
love_mee14 love_mee14 Jun 22
Honey he didn't call you cheeks, he said what a fine pair of CHEEKS. Meaning your butt
Her dream of calling him her "younger brother" is gone LMFAOOO
_hayleee_ _hayleee_ Oct 30
It's 5 in the morning & this made me laugh so hard 😂😂😭😭