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Harry potter preferences.........

Harry potter preferences.........

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Awkward-Geordie... By hobbit_lover1999 Updated Apr 21, 2016

I love Harry potter so I'm going to be doing some preferences. I will put in Harry,Fred,George,Ron,Draco and Cedric.
I also do imagines so please request. X

Jacqueline_V1 Jacqueline_V1 Mar 13, 2016
Innocence? Bitch I watch the walking dead. So no. And don't tell me to just pretend you're innocent because I'm not.
SlytherinShadowhuntr SlytherinShadowhuntr Aug 08, 2016
My boobs jiggle when I run 😂 Yes he loves my fabulous ass.
Lily_Luna_Malfoy11 Lily_Luna_Malfoy11 Jun 17, 2016
Why would you want to explode Hogwarts? *Shakes head and laughs silently*
Demi-Deatheater Demi-Deatheater Jul 27, 2016
I feel like that was a typo, but, and I quote McGonnagal here, "BOOM."
Squampyisbestship Squampyisbestship May 14, 2016
I can't read carefree without thinking of Dodger in shades with a sausage scarf playing the piano "Why should I worry? Why should I care?"
Kirstin1234567 Kirstin1234567 Nov 29, 2015
Ummmmm I don't get Draco's I love the story line and plot bit not to be rude I don't get it but I still totally love the story