Zodiac Signs I

Zodiac Signs I

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Azlin_Woods Azlin_Woods Sep 09
I don't really like how people make cancer look like a emotional wreck, crybaby ect.
Libras are not like that, why does everyone thing they're like, just beauty and perfection. Most of us just hate makeup and all that.  I'm super sorry I had to say that
Saint_Stefan Saint_Stefan Jul 23, 2016
i'm not impulsive because i always make decisions and think before doing something
mintoads mintoads Jul 19, 2016
Scorpios always have something to do with Satan of death WHYYYY!
Emotional and impulsive that's what i am but the selective thing... not so much
alexaweston alexaweston Jul 19, 2016
Well its true about imagination in Pisces. My imagination is to a entirely different level