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In His Possession

In His Possession

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lizthewizkid By lizthewizkid Updated Jan 16

Primrose Cadence : shy, naive, obedient 

     She's the type of girl parents wished for in their daughters ; guys wanted as a girlfriend and girls envied to be. But one thing is in her way of gaining those titles, herself. Although Rosie has her feisty side, she was too innocent, too shy and too naive to believe it. No wonder why everyone thinks she lives the 'perfect' life. But what happens when she is taken from her oh so 'perfect' life? 

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Alessandro Blackwood : rough, demanding, possessive

     He's the type of person the bravest of them all fear ; who guys envied to be and who girls died to be with. He's the leader of the very much feared gang known as the The Night Wanderers. Alessandro killed like it was the most natural thing to do, used girls as if they were tissues and protecting those he cared about with all of him. But what happens when his gang brings to him the most precious object he has ever seen?


Wtf, she is stupid. I would have rather just stayed at work.
I would never ask that if I was just kidnapped, nooooo. I would ask where the food is. (Note the sarcasm)
*picks up girl and stiffly puts in car* keep driving Barry 👍🏻
ohNoitsAnA ohNoitsAnA Jul 02
"You're so stupid rose! Why'd you do that? Why?"
                              "You jump, I jump, right?"
I would have ran or just yelled or annoyed them till they let me go by singing my chicken nugget song I made up
Focus Cinderella! This ain't no Disney movie. You have been kidnapped. #IgnoranceIsBliss