Creepypasta Randomness!

Creepypasta Randomness!

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Knight-Of-Void By mysterioussdoll1214 Updated May 29, 2016

MysteriousDoll1214 is here and quite new. You,readers,can call me Mysteriou

This random thingy-you-call-it has contains some random things about creepypasta you guys can ask me anything -that I know- about the creepypasta like Jeff the Killer,BEN Drowned,Slenderman,etc. I don't know if I'm of help if you guys have question that are difficult ;~;.I could even write stories! -about killing- I have a insane mind when I talk about it... Dunno if some of you guys are not scared...

Different things that I apologize for:

Wrong spellings
Wrong information
Not scary stories
Wrong grammars
And many more (I guess)

Anyways... I am gonna do something to cheer this part up

Jeff the killer:Why are you doing this again?

Jane the killer: Because. When she created an account for wattpad. She need to have some fun like making stories. She have tons of stories on her head but don't know if she's gonna put it here.

Mysteriou: *nods*


Jeff the killer:I am not asking you, Feeler