The Revenge of My Nerdy Wife [COMPLETED]

The Revenge of My Nerdy Wife [COMPLETED]

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❗This story is written in Filipino language ❗

She is Kasidee Daniella Monteverde. A certified nerd, a nobody.

Not until she became the wife of her one and only love. Yeah, marriage that she is the only one who cared.

She was hurt. Not because of her husband's coldness, but the fact that he has a girlfriend.

A girlfriend- no, a mistress, maybe we can call her a mistress right? because of her having a relationship with a married man? But, can you imagine that this mistress just made this wife's life a miserable one? 

All the time, she thought that her husband is the master mind of everything, so, she decided to have this Revenge on him and on his mistress, but not as Kasidee Monteverde - Fuentebella, but as Kaydee Forteza, a smarter and stronger woman.

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Oh, wait, I just want to remind the bitches who will read my story. Mind your own story, better shut the fuck up than saying bad things to the work of others.

parkmaeoh parkmaeoh Feb 01
I think it's better kung singsing ang linagay sa katulong 🤣
eonnie_01 eonnie_01 Mar 18, 2016
Oh myyyy~~~ Si Kang Joon mylabs ang bida^^ I need to read this^^
RoseAngela8 RoseAngela8 Dec 31, 2016
That's not fair,u put intro in English and what's THIS language ??!!!idk...
NiceEyes04 NiceEyes04 Nov 17, 2016
Ano yung pangalan nung girl na nasa multimedia? I forgot kasi hehe
Clickbait much? And here I thought it was going to be in English