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Trust Me || Fred Weasley

Trust Me || Fred Weasley

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Heather By heatherbrody4 Updated Mar 16

Faye Luna Montgomery, the name of a girl who is anything but ordinary. Her father dying when she was ten and her mother murdered when she was sixteen, Faye is now returning to Hogwarts after missing a year in which she tried to piece her shattered self back together. When she arrives, one could say she did not feel welcomed. No one knew why she had disappeared for a whole year, and she wanted to keep it that way. It's only when she reunites with her old rivals Fred and George Weasley, that she realizes the only way to feel normal was to act normal. That is until images from the night of her mothers death keep popping up in her head and the only way for her to get the image out is with her sketch pad and some charcoal. How far will she go to keep her mother's death a secret? Or even keep the secret of her own encounter with death? No matter how hard anyone tries, Faye's trust is not easy to earn. (Takes place during The Order of The Phoenix)

SemiAutoSof SemiAutoSof Apr 06
Thank you for putting this in the bigining! I've seen some authors not explain timing and everyone gets very confused.
peachygirl- peachygirl- Nov 05, 2016
faye luna is a cute name. great imagination ayeeeee. 
                              I IMAGINE HER WITH PURPLE DIP DYED HAIRRRR
                              also when i comment i might but my humor so if it comes out negative its just cause its who i am and i love your book till now so yeah
- - Jul 31, 2016
I really like this so far! Your writing style is amazing! There seem to be a few punctuation errors, or that could just be me, but overall it is fantastic.
oonahh oonahh Dec 18, 2016
I have Luna as my name but not really cos that's my online alias
ximzximz ximzximz Jun 25, 2016
though the moon depends on the Sun. which is totally fine cause Fred can resemble the Sun💓
_willingtowaitforit_ _willingtowaitforit_ Oct 02, 2016
I just had a thought.... 
                              Shouldn't Harry have been able to see the threstals since first year? He echnically did see his mother die in front of him, even though he was just a baby.