Sore Loser

Sore Loser

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(Fred Weasley x Reader) When you start your weekend with a bludger to the stomach, a normal couple of days at Hogwarts turns into the strangest part of your fourth year. Boy troubles, friend drama, and pranks are just some of the after-effects of being near your crush, the one and only Fred Weasley.

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Disclaimer: All places and characters belong to J.K Rowling except (Y/N). Plot belongs to me, SidraMakay.


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It should be a raven. Then again, Gryffindor's symbol isn't a griffin, so...
I punch, kick and slap people all the time. It's just instincts but putting it that was in words sounds a lot more hostile than it did in my head oood
I love Luna. I also love how everyone loves Luna. I literally know nobody who likes Harry Potter who doesn't like Luna. Anyone a know a Luna hater??
Of all people, why Seamus? GO WOTH THE SCOTTIE OLLIE!!! lol sorry I just like Oliver XD
Marietta Edgecombe loves Fred Weasley. Well, too bad honey but he's MINE!!!! BACK OFF
Ummm I'm gonna pretend all words that say ravenclaw actually say slytherin #slytherinpride