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Sore Loser

Sore Loser

24.5K Reads 1K Votes 9 Part Story
Sidra Makay By SidraMakay Completed

(Fred Weasley x Reader) When you start your weekend with a bludger to the stomach, a normal couple of days at Hogwarts turns into the strangest part of your fourth year. Boy troubles, friend drama, and pranks are just some of the after-effects of being near your crush, the one and only Fred Weasley.

Story originally posted on my Quotev account:
Disclaimer: All places and characters belong to J.K Rowling except (Y/N). Plot belongs to me, SidraMakay.


its_grace_darling its_grace_darling 7 days ago
If I was on my period and I got hit with a bludger in the stomach y'all would know about it. Just saying
its_grace_darling its_grace_darling 7 days ago
That would be Fred saying "see you 'round Gracie Lou" to me. *cringe*
Yo imma Hufflepuff, but that time of the month thing was messed up. I would have smacked him in the face and.... I don't even know, but everyone would have know I was mad
Mariculousfan Mariculousfan Dec 24, 2016
Cedric? That bloody tratior? THAT SPARKLING GLITERING SUNSHINE FAIRY PRINCESS?! Sure, he's cute.
im such a fangirl
                              everytime one of my fictional crushes name is mentioned[in this case, Fred]
                              i think it's adorable, what even
Hunter_Of_Artemis101 Hunter_Of_Artemis101 Dec 21, 2016
That as*hole. Don't make assumptions, dīckhead.  It is incredily rude and very ANNOYING!!! Dipshīt