Bros or whatever || A Spideypool Stylinson fanfic

Bros or whatever || A Spideypool Stylinson fanfic

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Lecree By LouAndI_Larry Updated Aug 07, 2016

"Come on, Spidey. What's wrong with teaming up with your best buddy, Deadpool?"

"Louis, you just tried to shoot me the other day."

"Well you lived, didn't you?"


In an effort to seek protection from an unknown enemy, Deadpool teams up with Spiderman and they both get more than the bargained for with this whole 'superhero' thing.

Spiderman!Harry + Deadpool!Louis

Starpoof Starpoof Jan 29
Did I um .. invade your privacy with Spider-Man or something? Cause I feel bad right now so....
boi all I got is half eaten pizza and 1 can of coke,,,, u think I got money to be giving u this,,, hellllllll naw nigga u better find your own food boi
I'm eating Chinese 😂 Sure Lou Lou, you can have some 🍜
Starpoof Starpoof Jan 29
more like DADDY but who am I to correct the amazing Spider-Man
EatShitModest EatShitModest Dec 25, 2016
it's true tho. 20k+ people die from stair accidents every year in america.
OMG I already love this fanfic!! I love Spideypool and I love Larry! I especially love Deadpool and Louis! Mix them up and I'M IN LOVE!!!!