The Awakening

The Awakening

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Amber Russell By AmberTylerRollieRuss Completed

*Book contains strong language and sexual content*

   Follow Angel as she sets out on a journey to find herself. Growing up she always knew that she was different from every one else. She could run faster, see, hear, and smell better, but could never figure out why. It wasn't until she decided to take off on a journey and start a new life, that she discovered just how different she was. Her whole life was changed when three gorgeous men moved into the run down house next door. She soon finds out there is a whole other half to her, that she never knew about. Along the way she finds herself wrapped up in love with the guy next door. 

    'Happy birthday to me!' she thought. The three men that were standing next to the truck talking were the most impressive things she has ever seen. The youngest looking one was blonde with green eyes, and you could see through his tight shirt that he must work out a lot. The next guy had a sandy blonde colored hair and his eyes looked to be brown, she couldn't be sure since she only got a quick glimpse before he turned to talk to the last man. The last man was taller than the others; he looked as he would be the oldest of the three. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. Not the sky blue like her eyes, these were like a dark sapphire blue something that she had never seen before. 

	She could see every muscle of his arms and chest through his tight shirt. She found herself gawking at the man and had to make herself turn away and close her mouth that was obviously hanging open in surprise. Don't get yourself all worked up, it's probably just the moving guys. The people who move in are probably going to be an old grumpy couple that never wants company she told herself. At the same time she couldn't stop wishing that she was wrong and that these men were going to be her new next door neighbors.

StefLena StefLena May 20, 2017
All those muscles. I think I need to take out the heavy bags of trash. Oh, hi guys, didn't see you there... Um yes, I think I do need some help, thank you. Hahahaha
Nikkime5150 Nikkime5150 Jul 09, 2014
Sounds amazing and yummy actually.  All my neighbors tend to be wanna be Gangstas with weed problems
AmberTylerRollieRuss AmberTylerRollieRuss Apr 12, 2013
@wefighttobefree Thanks so much!! YOur kind words keep me inspired to keep writing :) Thanks for you support, I hope you enjoy the rest!
wefighttobefree wefighttobefree Apr 12, 2013
I loved this! I cant wait to read the rest! ;) you're an amazing writer, don't ever lose your passion!
AmberTylerRollieRuss AmberTylerRollieRuss Feb 26, 2013
@TinyDancer014 Thanks :) I hope you enjoy it! I will go pick one of your stories now too :)
intense_dreamer intense_dreamer Feb 26, 2013
So I chose this one. Haven't started to read I yet. But tomorrow it's all mine:)