Camptown Lady   -   @Short Story

Camptown Lady - @Short Story

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sloanranger By sloanranger Completed

@SHORTSTORY: 18-year-old Kathy accepts an invitation from an elephant trainer to visit Kansas, where Ringling Bros Circus has a 2 week layover. The man has something much darker in mind than the young girl knows.

MoonshineNoire MoonshineNoire Sep 08, 2015
Love this idea. Good luck with it and I look forwards to reading on
lkrice lkrice Sep 08, 2015
You are so good at researching and writing about different periods in history,  taking us there with characters who lived in the time period. 
                              I like how you said the 1950s had dirt in the wasn't as squeaky clean a time period as many would have us believe. 
                              :-) Voted :-)
AngelOfDarkness_X AngelOfDarkness_X Sep 05, 2015
I do love how you do these past time the history in it...I shall read on,  popped it in my library.... :)))
AnnWrites AnnWrites Aug 12, 2015
I have long been interested in American history and pop culture and you sum it up very nicely
sloanranger sloanranger May 03, 2013
Me too with the animals, @AlexisFlitton. Thanks for reading; I think there's only 2 more part to post. It's good to see you again : )
AlexisFlitton AlexisFlitton May 03, 2013
Sounds very interesting. I love animals, especially stories about exotic animals.