Camptown Lady - Prologue

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Camptown Lady                                                                                                                                                by sloanranger


The 1950's were a strange time in the United States. After WWII the US thought of itself as kind of  world hero. The Marshall Plan, a 'gift' to the countries of Europe helped rebuild  devastation from allied bombs and it fueled American and world economies for years to come.

Decades seem to alternate their trends of laxity and rigidness: the 'roaring twenties' were followed by a depressed thirties; loose, war-torn forties, were followed by the strict fifties;  and true to form after the mid-sixties, all heck broke loose.

In the fifties, America believed in it's institutions. Society was rigid, over-protective and paternalistic as 'Father Knows Best,'  a popular TV show, reminded us. TV portrayed a clean, regulated portrait of the country - but like anywhere  else, there was dirt in the seams. 

Historians and people who lived through this time have rightly said that the fifties did not really end until 1963 -  November 22, 1963 - the date that JFK was assassinated and America lost it's innocence.

This story is about a teenager who came of age during that slim period when the fifties were 'officially' ending and before the killing of JFK and the sixties really began.

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