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Niall Horan's life does a complete 360 when his mother gets engaged to a rich record producer named Samual Tomlikynes. Not only does Niall get the father he has always wanted, but he also gets four brothers. First there is Harry, who is the youngest at 17, is very cheeky, outgoing, and tends to act like a child and pout when he doesn't get his way. Then there are the faternal twins who are 18, Zayn and Liam. Zayn is reserved, artistic, and deep in thought a lot of the time, he also has a thing for his hair. Liam is very friendly, mature for his age, and a bit childish with his love of Toy Story and stuffed animals. Samual's oldest son, Louis is 19 he is very immature, friendly, and very protective of his younger brothers. 

What happens when Niall and his soon-to-be brothers finally meet? 

Will 16 year old Niall be accepted by his new siblings? 

Or will they make him feel unwelcomed? 

And what is Niall supposed to do when he realizes he may or may not have different feelings toward one of his brothers?

And will that brother be the superman that saves Niall when what him and his mother have running finally catches them?

Love is found in the most unexpected ways at some of the worst possible times and secrets from the past are revealed in Oh...Brothers!?

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NarryShipper03 NarryShipper03 May 09, 2013
@NarryJamewardStoran Ok thanks for letting me know, can't wait until Narry finally get back together
NarryShipper03 NarryShipper03 May 05, 2013
@MrsHorlikL thanks, let me know if it will be Narry soon thanks again
NarryShipper03 NarryShipper03 May 02, 2013
Can you please make the story Narry, I ship narry hardcore and would love for niall and harry to fall in love please