My Teacher

My Teacher

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Rose Carrot By roseyposey2244 Completed

Hi, my name is Rose Ford and I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair that cascades down to bellow my butt. My eyes are really dark blue around the edges and ge lighter going toards the pupil. My Best Friend is Jasmin Lovelock, she has black hair that falls to her shoulder blades, her eyes are hazel with flecks of really dark brown in them.

I woke up to my stupid alarm clock, its my first day in senior year at high school. I got up and got ready, putting on a black tank top with white writing that says. "Don't give me shit, i have enough of my own" i put on some black shorts and my black jandels. I went downstairs and grabbed an apple, "seya mum!" i shouted as i walked out, "bye hun!" she shouted back. I took a bite of the apple and began to walk. "Rose Rose Rose Rose!" Jas screamed running up to me. "whoa, morning" i said putting my hands out infront of me to stop her running into me.

"apparently, there's a new hot P.E teacher" she squeled. "well come on!" I shouted. We ran to scho...

liliana1468 liliana1468 Jun 28, 2016
Tf stop crying Luke a pussy in the hood people get worse than you you got to never turn your back to people because you never know when they have a knife on them it happened to me once (I'm mixed and I lived in the  hood for 3 years that's one of the reasons why I took kick boxing)
joshsthetic joshsthetic May 15, 2016
BeastBoyRaven BeastBoyRaven Apr 16, 2016
A bit too early....its okay love just in the future don't rush it but other than that ur doing great doll good idea for a story.
xXsunshine_LarryXx xXsunshine_LarryXx Aug 08, 2016
What the fûck I thought this was a Larry Stylinson fanfic haha fûck this shît I'm out
liliana1468 liliana1468 Jun 28, 2016
I took kick boxing for 6 years until I wanted to focus on my piano class and school but sometimes I still take the classes cause my bffs mom is the person who teaches kick boxing
liliana1468 liliana1468 Jun 28, 2016
I can only do 6 pushups and I can do 3 situos but then I just drop lol