He calls me princess (BoyxBoy)

He calls me princess (BoyxBoy)

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Ellie is just an ordinary boy, or is he ? 
He is 17 years old and he looks like he is 12 because of his tiny structure, and he is the biggest introvert ever. 

Maxwell is the opposite of ordinary,
18 years old, and he sure does not have the body of one due to being a star athlete, he is the biggest extrovert ever.

Ellie loves reading in a closed room on Friday night
and Max( as everyone calls him) loves partying on a Friday

Ellie is artistic
Max is a jock

Ellie loves hot tea
Max loves Vodka

Ellie is extremely shy and a closed book with low self esteem
Max is extremely outgoing with a high confidence

Ellie is a nobody with only one friend
Max is the king of high school with girls from other states lining up just to talk a picture with him

What do two complete opposites that have never crossed paths before have in common? 

One knows he is gay the other has to accept it. 
Add in a crazy cliche fan girl best friend
a overprotective brother
a jealous bad boy
and maybe a few make out scenes;) ya know 

mix it all together and we get one hella hot story that will make your noses bleed so much that it becomes hell. 
 A story about two different worlds coming together, in a cliche way that I guarantee wont make you cringe.

Grab da lube and tissues and get ready cause somebodies pants are coming of and they sure are not mine ;)

Disclaimer blah blah blah*****
This story gonna be gayer then the boy sucking yo ''8'' inch dick( keep dreaming of it being dat big ;)) so please if you dont like two hot boys kissing then go somewhere else. 
I'll kindly bid you farewell and I will yell '''bye felicia''

Also note im sassy as hell and not afraid to show my sass, and it will show in this story I will use swear words. So let's be big bitches here and enjoy a hot story that will get your panties going all in the right places ;)

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And there it is ladies and gentlemen the new ship sailing and going with full engine ahead. If u did not know welcome to C's shipping biz.
EreRi696 EreRi696 Jun 28
Omg author your writing is amazing looking forwards to the rest of this ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER YEAHH
Ah... Exactly my goals for life...
                              Oh lol wait, I already have 13 cats🐱
This happened to me when I was early in my transition and I didn't look like a boy or a girl
janicej2016 janicej2016 Mar 02
Are you gay?? If so, can you be my best friend???*puppy eyes* I'm straight, don't worry, but I like pretending to be bisexual.... Please be my best friend...😍😍😍😍