My Three Mates(Wattys2016)

My Three Mates(Wattys2016)

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I rushed into work my hair down covering the big bruise he gave me this morning. I clocked in and ran to the bathroom and met up with my best friend Daisy Morgan. She knew what happened and was waiting with her makeup bag.

"sweetie you need to get out before he kills you".

I sighed.
"I tried he always finds me and the beatings get worse".

He is my husband Mark Smith and my name is Abby Smith. Been married for twenty years and have two teenage daughters. Work at Cooper Co. for twelve years and none of my bosses know about my horrible home life.

My husband beats me almost daily and I take it cause he said he would hurt my girls if I resisted. A knock to the bathroom door makes us jump.

"Abby you in there?"
Shit my boss Jake Cooper was knocking and demanding I come out. He knew I thought.

"open right fucking now or I will kick the door down".
I whimper in fear. Daisy opens the door and a very pissed off Jake stands there breathing heavy and pointing at my bruised jaw.

When he advan...

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